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Zimovane/Zopiclone 7.5mg - 112 Tablets
Zimovane/Zopiclone 7.5mg.
112 Tablets



The medicines Zimovane and the counterpart Zimovane LS pills contain an active ingredient; this ingredient is Zopiclone. Zopicloneis a type of Non-Benzodiazepine hypnotic medication and assists the brain in finding sleep.

Please note: Zopiclone can also be found but without a brand name, unlike the generic medication.

The Zopiclone in Zimovane works on the brain receptors called GABA. This leads to the release of neurotransmitter namely GABA within the brain. GABA as a neurotransmitter acts as the brain’s nerve relaxing agent, which helps keep a patient's nerve in the brain well balanced, induces sleep, relaxes muscles while cutting down on the anxiety.


Zimovane is best used for the treatment of Insomnia. This short term solution to insomnia helps those that have problems with: sleeping, waking prematurely early, restlessness and working through the night, those with psychiatric disorders and those that have stress leading to lack of sleep. The medication reduces the time in which one finds sleep and awakening in the middle of the night. It increases the time of sleep one experiences. Zopiclone is only suited to handle short term treatment of sleeplessness- mostly within four weeks. Usage over the period of time and longer may lead to dependence on the medication. The best time to take the medicine is just before bedtime as it is a fast working medication.

This medication has to be taken under prescription from a medical professional, either a doctor or physician. Due to its adverse effects, people with the following issues are advised not to take Zimovane: people with personality disorders, liver function issues, low kidney function, the elderly and people that have a history of drug and alcohol abuse. Also, individuals below 18 years are not to take this medication, people with myasthenia gravis and respiratory failure and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Zimovane in both forms contain lactose. For individuals that are lactose intolerant have deficiencies in Lapp lactase or suffer glucose-galactosemalabsorption, it is advised to avoid usage of this medicine. If you are allergic to any of the other ingredients in the medication, do not take the medicine. Seek medical advice if you are not too sure about the medicine before use or experience any form of reaction from the medicine.


While other medicines are perfectly safe to be used when pregnant or when planning to get pregnant, some may be harmful to the unborn child. It is advisable you approach a doctor or seek medical advice before setting in on any medication.

Zimovane usage and its safety when pregnant have not been well established. Therefore, it is recommended that a pregnant mother doe not use the medication in the period of pregnancy or even when breastfeeding. This is especially in the last stage of pregnancy, which may lead to the baby being born with withdrawal symptoms.

If you think that you may be pregnant or plan to get pregnant or breastfeeding and are on the medication, you better seek medical advice and talk to your doctor to help you chatter a way forward to Zimovane usage cessation. This is because significant amounts of the medication may get transferred to the baby as it develops and for breastfeeding mothers through milk.


This medication may cause drowsiness and that may extend well into the next day. If you experience this effect, do not operate heavy machinery or drive. You are advised to avoid alcohol at all times when taking the medicine. Apart from those mentioned, Zimovane has a several side effects that affect different people differently. Some of the side effects associated with Zimovane are like: headaches, memory loss, confusion, depression, dizziness, aggressiveness, sleep walking, hives or rashes, nausea, dry mouth or vomiting, hallucinations, coordination problems, light headedness, bitter taste in the mouth and even nightmares.

These are just some of those, if you experience anything out of the normal when using Zimovane, you are advised to seek medical attention or see your doctor.


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